A rabbit doll...
No, it's a costume.

Is there someone in there?

It looks like there is, but I don't feel
like making sure.

It's a giant rabbit costume.
Why would this be here?

A huge map signboard.

To the north... that is, if I keep
going the way I'm facing, I'll find
the roller coaster.

Is this an amusement park?

And what's this?

Something strange in a cage-y box

A person?
Not quite...

I don't really want to stare at it for
very long, whatever it is.

What the...?

It's a popcorn wagon.
But no one's here to sell it.

Where did they go?

It's the souvenir shop sign.
There's a rabbit picture on it.

There's a rabbit stuffed animal here.

In a place like this, it's more creepy
than it is cute.

There's a rabbit stuffed animal here.

It's a rabbit stuffed animal here.
The mouth part is stained red.

Almost like bloodstains.

There are boxes of cookies and
chocolates on display.

I love this kind of stuff, but I don't
feel like eating it here and now.

There are some normal souvenir-type
toys here.

Huh. Never thought I'd say
"normal" in a place like this!

It's a row of shirts for sale.

I don't think they'd help me at all.

There are lots of different styles,
but I don't really want any of them.

I'm getting out of this nasty place.
If they had any tools, now, that'd
be a different story.

Mountain Coaster

It's a ticket booth.
But there's no one inside.