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Layers in Paint Shop Pro are extremely useful in creating designs. Layers make it a lot easier to move things around on the image, and deleting things on the design that you donít like. A layer is like a clear piece of overhead paper that is placed over an image. You can add things, and delete things on that layer without changing the image, or images below it. This is why they are so useful. Layers are also used in blending, and Cging graphics. Now, letís begin. Open a new image file, make it 300x300 pixels with a white background.

Make sure that the layers window is opened. If it isn't, go to View>Palettes>Layers. The window will look like this: Open a new image file, make it 300x300 pixels with a white background.

First, we are going to learn to blend using layers using the two images provided below:

Copy the second image (lines) and paste it as a new image in Paint Shop Pro. Then, take the image of the chicken and go to Edit>Paste>As a new layer. Now, you should only see the chicken image and the layer's window should look like the following:

Now, there are two methods of blending. One is using the layers window, and the other is using the layers section in the main menu. Personally, I think using the layers window is easier because you can actually see the effect as you change.
Now, there are many kinds of layer blendings. Go to the layers window and click the drop down menu that reads Normal. This drop down menu changes the kind of blending that will occur with the layers. As an example, go down to the blend mode labeled Multiply. With this blending mode, all the white of the layer that you changed the mode on becomes transparent. This blending mode becomes very useful when CGing line art.

With the chicken and the lines, it looks odd. So, let's try another mode of blending. This time choose normal (the one it was at on default). Now, we're going to change the opacity of the chicken layer. The higher the opacity, the less you are able to see through that layer. Now, go to the layers window again and click on the black and white gradient bar that says 100. Drag the lever on the bar to the left until the 100 becomes a 50.

The opacity tool is very useful in blending two images to make wallpapers and such. All you have to do is get it to the opacity that looks good and maybe clean it up with the eraser tool.

Now we move onto visibility. If you have many layers. it is hard to keep track of them. The little eye icon in the layers window toggles the layer's visibility. When the eye looks like this , that means that the layer is not visible. If you turn off the visability of a layer and something goes missing on your overall image, that means that it was on the layer that you turned the visability off.

Those are the basics to layers in Paint Shop Pro. If you have any questions, please Email us. Good luck!

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