New layout

Yup :D

Hope you like it! <3333

Nianome--Sep 23 2008

CSS Tutorial added

Custom menus

I've added a new tutorial for making menus based on CSS and HTML. Go read it! :D

Nianome--Sep 23 2008

Three new additions

Yup! I been busy ...

I've added three new Gaia layouts. Two were done by me and one was done by Adaire

Go see them in the Gaia section :D

Nianome--Sep 11 2008


Oh, my.

We're going to be posting up some more layouts, specifically, 'Gaia' layouts for people to use.

The site might be morphing into something completely new! We're going add some new changes here and there, one of which being the addition of Nianome's writing archive, and some other things that will be popping up out of nowhere.


Adaire--Sep 11 2008

CSS tutorial

How to create custom headers!

Added one! Yup! Go see! It's pretty long, and hopefully it helps! <33


Oh, and we need affies to LOOVE and HUUG and GIVE MORE LOVE TO! So please apply if you are interested!

Nianome--Apr 9 2008

Staff profiles

Fear dem >D

I added staff profiles. You can click the link below that says my name in order to see my profile. It has a some information about me as well as all of the updates and layouts I have posted :D

Oh, and I am going to be working on a new layout soon. I shouldn't rely on JavaScript for my navigation...BAD SAM XD

Nianome--Mar 14 2008

Layouts added!

I gave up...

Back to what I had before

That means more layout updates. Next I will be making gaia layouts...not that you care :)

Nianome--Mar 10 2008

The last user is Flora!
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